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Please Do NOT Take IT Security For Granted!

It is easy to dismiss IT security as something that only major corporations and banks need to worry about.

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You picture hackers sitting in their basements, trying to access the Pentagon’s computers or steal millions from the Bank of America, and you think: “Nothing for me to worry over.”

But that is the easiest way to turn yourself into an easy target for cybercrime.

The truth is that small and mid-sized businesses are MORE likely to become the targets of cybercrime. In 2014, small businesses made up over 35% of all reported cybercrime victims – and experts suggest that there are many more that simply went unreported, either because business owners swept the data breaches under the rug, or even worse, didn’t even know they’d been compromised!

Cybercrime is such a problem that the U.S. Intelligence Service has declared it to be the No. 1 Threat to Americans today – knocking terrorism down to No. 2.

So why is cybercrime such a problem? Why should you care if someone manages to access your systems? Think of all the sensitive data you handle every day:

  • Usernames and passwords for email, banking sites, file sharing programs, and more.
  • Financial information, both personal and business.
  • Confidential correspondence with clients and partners.
  • Sensitive corporate data.
  • And the list goes on.

All it takes is ONE data breach for your entire livelihood to be compromised. Do you use the same password for multiple services? A cybercriminal that gains one username and password will try it out automatically on every popular site they can think of, trying to access more of your accounts. They’re looking to get access to any personal data they can use – to steal your identity, steal your money, or simply ruin your reputation.

Think about it: once you have lost data to cybercrime, you have to start notifying your customers, informing them their confidential information could be in the wrong hands – causing serious reputational damage and loss of trust. You have to deal with major disruption to workflow and paying employees to be unproductive as you struggle to handle the situation – drastically reducing employee morale.

Above all, you have to go through the painful experience knowing every second is costing you TONS of money in:

  • Internal investigations
  • Customer notification
  • Attorney fees
  • Litigation expenses
  • And the list goes on and on

That is why it’s so important to take IT security seriously.  It is imperative to think proactively! It is strongly recommended to work with an IT security professional to find the right security systems for your needs, not only to protect your data but to keep you compliant with any regulations that you face.

The team at MAXTech are the professionals with strong expertise in Tampa, Brandon & Riverview IT security. We will gladly meet with you, analyze your business, your existing technology, and find any vulnerabilities that could be used against you. Together, we will create a plan to improve your security, lock down your data, and keep you safe today while preparing you for tomorrow against the rising tide of cybercrime.

Contact us at (813) 333-2878 or to schedule a complimentary security consultation and find out how simple staying safe is with the right team on your side.

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