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Does Your Law Office Have the Old Guy from Corporate America Taking Care of Your Computers?

Is your IT company keeping you from using the best and most effective technology? That’s a huge problem.

Technology is available to help your Law firm thrive, making tasks easier to manage, clients privacy more secure, and your overall output more effective. So why are you still working with the old guy from corporate America who sets you up with outdated and ineffective solutions?

Come Into The Future With Us

Is your current IT team providing your law firm with solutions that allow you to work on the go? If not, they’re definitely falling behind – and as a result so will you. We know that the way you get work done is evolving, and we offer technology and solutions designed to reflect that.

Mobility and Collaboration

  • If you’re not getting the proper services and support that allow you to work on the go, it’s time to say goodbye to your IT team.
  • We’ll set you up so that your mobile devices are protected and give you the freedom to work on the go. You can create, edit and share documents with clients or co-workers, from any device and any location.
  • With Virtual Private Networks you’ll have the ability to securely access data and documents from outside the office while benefiting from the security, functionality and management policies of public networks.

Privacy and Peace of Mind

  • Cloud solutions such as file-sharing, hosted services, and VoIP business phones make work easier to manage and also provide security so you and your clients’ personal information is always safe.
  • We know you need assurance that your system is always secure. Data backup and recovery plans ensure your information is always available when you need it and that a hardware issue or system breach won’t compromise your cases or lead to downtime.

Don’t settle for outdated solutions and technology. To get your law office set up with the best and most effective IT solutions in Tampa, Brandon & Riverview contact MAXTech at or by phone at (813) 333-2878.

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