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Email Encryption Solutions For Businesses In Tampa

Has your IT team told you that any data and files are most at risk when in transit?

That means emails are among the most dangerous ways to send and receive personal and business information – unfortunately, they’re also the most common.

But there’s something we can do about it. We know you use email to stay in touch with clients and coworkers, and you’re always on the go, so you need a way to stay in contact. With email encryption solutions, we keep your data and information private so you can stop worrying about information being lost or falling into the wrong hands.

We Understand The Protection You Need

  • Your firm will have access to fully managed email encryption solutions that ensure your email communications and documents are always protected.
  • You’ll finally have peace of mind so you can focus on client interaction and putting forth the finest work possible for your cases.

Think of how often you send personal and business-related information through emails. Now imagine how damaging it would be to your clients, cases and firm’s reputation if that information was leaked or made public. You just can’t afford for that to happen.

How Encryption Works

  • Our solutions are designed to protect any documents, records, or information written in your business emails.
  • Encryption can work many ways. For example, if you and employees are working with the same encryption program emails will automatically decrypt as soon as they’re received by the intended recipient.
  • You can also log into an online portal to access messages or use a passcode that only you and the receipt know to gain access.
  • Keeping your emails encrypted and safe from hackers means reduced risk of breaches, downtime and lost wages.

To talk about how email encryption and our other IT security solutions will help keep your law firm protected contact MAXTech at or by phone at (813) 333-2878.

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