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How To Spot The Signs That Your Law Office In Tampa Has Poor IT Support.

In the legal world, time is money. When your Tampa law office suffers from poor IT support, you risk losing money because:

  • Documents aren’t easily accessible
  • Communication with clients isn’t consistent
  • Billing becomes a hassle

Why invest valuable law office dollars into lackluster IT support? A trusted IT support company should make sure your technology investment is positioned to serve you well into the future and maximize your ROI.

Spot the Signs & Get the True Value Your Law Office Deserves!

How can you spot the signs that your law office has poor IT support? Simple – here’s a few things to keep an eye out for:

  • You’re constantly waiting by the phone: Waiting to hear back from your IT Support Company when facing technology issues can make a small problem escalate quickly into serious downtime. If you’re constantly waiting by the phone for a response, and it’s taking hours, even days, to get someone on the phone, it’s time to move on!
  • There’s always different technicians coming onsite: When onsite visits are needed, a different technician comes each time. They’re probably not aware of your current IT strategy and the way you use technology, which means they’ll take a lot longer to fix problems or address concerns. You deserve a consistent point-of-contact who knows what your law office needs.
  • You’re consistently missing deadlines and opportunities: Have you ever had a deadline coming up, and of course, your computer malfunctions at the last minute? Or maybe someone’s interested in hiring your law office but you can’t get back to him or her? Your IT should never cause you to miss deadlines and opportunities!
  • They lack an understanding of the legal industry: Does your IT support company understand your unique security requirements? Do they support applications designed for law offices, such as PCLaw, E-Discovery, or LexisNexis? What about trial presentation tools? If not, you need an IT support company that truly understands the legal industry.

Don’t put up with poor IT Support. Contact MAXTech at (813) 333-2878 or Our legal IT experts ensure your law office has the support you deserve.

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