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Using an iPad Air? Here’s 10 Great Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Experience!

Using an iPad air can be incredibly rewarding – they’re fast, have great display, and are conveniently portable so you can get work done from anywhere.

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Now, you can get even more benefits from your Apple device by using these helpful tips and tricks.

As long as you’re running on iOS7 these should all work for you and help make your experience with your device even better.

Make the Most of Siri 

You simply hold down the Home button to launch Siri and then ask her anything you want. Siri listens through your microphone and the icon should glow purple to let you know that she hears you. Tapping on the [i] at the top right of your screen will give you more information on what Siri is able to answer questions about. Tap the speech bubble if Siri gets your request wrong, and change Siri’s voice by clicking through Settings, General, Siri and then Voice Gender.


Want to capture a photo of some important information to share with a co-worker? Or maybe you just want to get a picture of your new high score for bragging rights – either way, it’s easy to do. Just press and hold the Power button and tap the Home button at the same time. Take a look in your Photos app and your screenshot should be there.

Keyboard Split

Do you find it easier to type with your thumbs while holding your iPad? If so, try splitting the keyboard by touching and holding down either side of the keyboard, and then swiping out towards the edges of your device. The keyboard will split in two, and you can switch back at any time by holding down each side and swiping them together.

App Organization

It can be annoying to scroll through pages of apps just to find the ones you want – if you tap and hold an app icon, you can drop it onto any other icon and both will appear in a new folder. You can name it anything you choose and add up to 20 apps and games into folders.


Double-click the Home button and you’ll see the Multitasking tray appear on your screen – you can swipe left or right to switch between recently used apps, tap to open them, or swipe straight up to close them.

Delete Text Quickly

There’s no need for repeated backspacing when you’ve got an iPad air. To delete text, just shake your device and then tap on the Undo Typing option that will appear. You can shake it again if you change your mind and select the Redo Typing option.

AutoFill Options

The easiest way to set up AutoFill options so that you don’t have to constantly type your information into websites is to set up a Contact with your own information. Then click through Settings, Safari, AutoFill, and slide Use Contact Info to ‘on’ and choose the contact you just created.

Convert Videos for iPad

Are you struggling to get videos from your PC or Mac to play on your iPad? There are a few solutions out there to help, but the easiest and best is called Handbrake. It’s totally free and easy to navigate.

Convert eBooks for iPad

Your iPad reads any ePub format, and you’ll find tons of free ePub books for download at Project Gutenberg. You can also convert other DRM-free eBooks to ePub format so that they’re readable on your device. You just need to download the free Calibre software, which provides clear and easy-to-understand video tutorials.

Control Your Desktop Remotely

If you’re looking to control your PC or Mac remotely by using your iPad, that’s also easily doable. Again, you need the right apps to help you. Splashtop 2 is a good option for this, and you can also try LogMeIn and Pocket Cloud to see which works best for you.

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