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The 5 Technology Secrets Your Current IT Company Isn’t Sharing With You.

Technology Company SecretsWhat secrets are we talking about? —And why would your current IT Company be keeping these secrets from you? Read on to learn more:

  1. You’re paying too much for IT support. Unless you have a Service Level Agreement from your IT provider that guarantees unlimited tech support for a fixed, monthly fee, then you’re paying too much for IT support. A reputable company provides an “all-you-can-eat-menu” of specified IT services for a fixed rate.
  2. Off-The-Shelf Anti-Virus Software Programs Won’t Protect You. Many commonly used security programs won’t completely protect you from Internet attacks. Antivirus software only catches the easy-to-detect threats. With the increasing number of zero-day vulnerabilities, along with security holes in vendor applications, your IT security may be at risk. Can your current IT Company tell you exactly how they will protect you from today’s sophisticated Malware and viruses?
  3. The Cyber War Is Heating Up, Our Governments Are At Risk, and Your Business Could Be As Well. Attacks on U.S. Department of Defense computer systems, including the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of the Treasury, have increased over the past five years. And Chinese hackers have infiltrated Canada’s National Research, an organization that presides over some of the country’s most cherished scientific research. If our governments aren’t safe, how can your business be? Your IT provider needs to specify exactly how they plan to keep the cyber criminals out of your network.
  4. Storing data in a public cloud is riskier than you think. Does your current IT company provide secure, private, co-located data centers for your data? Storing your data in a public cloud may be convenient, but this convenience could also jeopardize your data security. Ask your IT provider if they can ensure the security of your data, and retrieval of it in the instance of a data loss, whether it’s from a natural disaster, or a manmade one.
  5. You’re not getting the live, local IT Help Desk support you deserve. How many times have you called tech support and had to leave a message, or felt like you were talking to someone halfway around the world? IT support is a cheap commodity these days, and you “get what you pay for.” Unless your IT Company provides live help-desk support, 24/7, you’re not getting the IT support your business requires.

MAXTech won’t keep secrets from you. Plus, we can address all these issues, and others you may have. If you’re looking for the Best IT Service and Support in Tampa, Brandon & Riverview, contact MAXTech at: (813) 333-2878 or

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