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There are many law firms in Tampa that never end up looking for IT support until there’s a broken down computer or a malfunctioning network. By the time they call for tech support, they’re already losing more than the cost of repairs:

  • Tech downtime leading to wasted time and payroll dollars.
  • Reduced employee productivity and morale from struggling with unresponsive IT.
  • Missed potential business opportunities.
  • Overall business reputation and client relations damaged by missed communications or lack of response.

That’s why it’s important to be proactive with your IT support, and partner with a company that plans ahead for the future.

MAXTech’s IT Services and Solutions for Tampa area law firms are designed to proactively address IT issues before they can cause disruption to your firm. We use regular maintenance, IT strategizing, business continuity planning, and 24/7 monitoring to ensure your IT systems are always running at their best, supporting your firm’s productivity and efficiency every day. We serve law firms all across Hillsborough County and the Tampa area, including North Tampa, South Tampa, New Tampa, Westshore, and Lutz, by focusing on these important IT values:

  • Strategy: All our managed IT services are provided for your business at an affordable flat-rate monthly fee, letting you easily budget for your IT needs without worrying about unexpected expenses. We also provide IT consulting & virtual CIO (chief information officer) services to help you plan for the future of your business’s technology.
  • Versatility: Our cloud computing services make your important systems and data accessible for you and your staff from anywhere you can access the Internet, so you can better collaborate and work from anywhere you need to.
  • Security: We provide email & network security to prevent viruses, spam, data theft, and other cybercrime, as well as security consulting to check your systems for weaknesses that hackers could exploit. We also deliver backups, disaster recovery, and business continuity services to keep your data safe from being lost or destroyed, and helping your business recover quickly and easily from potential disaster.

When you partner with MAXTech for your Hillsborough County law firm’s IT needs, you get a team dedicated to finding the right IT services and solutions to improve your productivity and efficiency every day, and to let you be ready for anything. We provide services all across the Tampa area, including North Tampa, South Tampa, New Tampa, Westshore, and Lutz.

Call us at (813) 333-2878 or send an email to today to learn about how we can customize our Hillsborough County IT solutions to meet your needs.

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