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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management to Securely and Easily Take Your Work With You on the Go

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How many devices do you and your staff use to get work done? You have your in-office computers, certainly, but you probably use a lot of other devices to access work information – tablets, laptops, and even smartphones. With Mobile Device Management (MDM) you can ensure your devices are ready, secure, and available whenever you need them.

Your work comes with you wherever you go now, and that means you need to ensure your mobility isn’t threatened by security problems or mismanagement.

All it takes to truly leverage mobile devices to take your work with you is planning and forethought, and that’s where MAXTech comes in. We offer MDM services to help incorporate any number of mobile devices into your IT network.

  • Smartphones, tablets, laptops – they can also be easily connected to your network.
  • You can have quick and easy access to your important files and key business systems anytime, anywhere.
  • In combination with our other Versatility services, your mobile devices can do anything your office computers can do!

Read on to learn more about our Mobile Device Management or give us a call today at (813) 333-2878 to talk about how we can optimize and protect the mobile devices that matter to YOUR business.

Securing Your Network

  • We’ll monitor your mobile network 24/7 with our automated tools, watching out for potential issues or unauthorized access, and immediately addressing problems as they arise.
  • Our MDM service features multiple layers of protection, including device auto-lock, enforced encryption, secure passcodes, number of allowed failed passcodes, and per-user authorization, ensuring that only you and your employees will have access to your data.
  • We can remotely locate, lock, and even wipe mobile devices that have been lost or stolen.

Controlling Your Network with Mobile Device Management

  • We’ll help you keep track of what devices are authorized to access your data, whether they’re company-owned or personal devices of your employees.
  • We can help you implement safe Bring Your Own Device / Application (BYOD/BYOA) protocols for your firm, so you can allow your staff to use their own devices without compromising the security or confidentiality of your data.
  • We can help you avoid data plan overage charges by implementing automated alerts to come through when you’re approaching your data use threshold. If those alerts keep coming, we’ll help you look into increasing your data plan to something that makes sense for what you need.
  • We can generate customized reports that let you know how much data is being used, who is using it, and everything else going on in your mobile network.

Your business provides the best support possible for your clients. Shouldn’t your IT do the same for you? MAXTech is ready to make sure it does with the best Mobile Device Management available today. Contact us today at (813) 333-2878 or for a free assessment of your IT.

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