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Litigation Support Advisors, PLC Attests To The Fact That They Need MAXTech.

Litigation Support Advisors is an accounting firm in Tampa, Florida that has been providing expert witness testimony on financial matters, and litigation support services to individuals and businesses since 2006. They are a busy practice with seven employees, including certified public accountants who provide forensic accounting expertise.

There’s No Disputing The Fact — MAXTech Is The Best!

Without their computers up and running, Litigation Support can’t meet their clients’ needs. Kristin DiMeo, President of Litigation Support, hired MAXTech back in 2006 because she knew they were the best IT company in town.

When they moved into their new building, Diane Crook, Kristin’s Executive Assistant, hired a vendor to run Cat 5 cabling. After the cable installation was complete, the vendor tried to convince Diane to use their managed services instead of MAXTech’s. But after the experience with them during the project, and the fact that MAXTech has always done such a superior job for Litigation Support Advisors, Diane said “no way!”

Diane stated:

“MAXTech is the only IT company we’ve used, and want to continue using! They are so responsive and attentive to our needs. They act like we’re their only client! If we don’t have our documents available electronically we can’t support depositions, court cases, or mediations. IT is a critical need for our firm, and MAXTech fixes issues before they become major problems. Dave and his team are simply the best!”

Litigation Support Advisors Needed A New IT System and MAXTech Provided It and More.

MAXTech installed and implemented:

  • A server to meet their data storage and communication needs,
  • Multiple desktop PCs and laptops, and
  • Microsoft Office and financial software.

They utilized a new Dell Server, Dell PC’s, Dell Laptops, Microsoft Small Business Accounting and QuickBooks. Today MAXTech provides the firm monthly Managed Services with Backup and Disaster Recovery to ensure their data is always accessible.

Diane explained:

“MAXTech was instrumental in setting up all of our IT services. Dave and his team are tremendous—they set up everything on the servers. We process multitudes of documents, and they ensure we always have access to them no matter what. We’ve needed to recover and restore data a number of times, and this wouldn’t have been possible without the BDR they set up for us. We now have peace of mind knowing that our data is backed up and stored offsite. Being in Tampa this is important because we’re in a hurricane and tropical storm zone.”

Diane “Shares The Love” By Referring MAXTech To Friends and Colleagues.

She went on to say:

“I’m one of Dave’s biggest fans, and I always refer him and MAXTech to friends and colleagues. A friend was complaining just last week about the fact that their IT system crashed. I immediately referred her to MAXTech. I want others to have the same peace of mind that we do, knowing that MAXTech provides the best IT services possible. Plus, they provide us a huge amount of value with everything they do!”

If you’re looking for the peace of mind and value a great IT company can provide, call MAXTech at 813-703-6234 to book your no-obligation IT review with our Legal IT Support Team.

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