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IT services for insurance agencies

IT Support For Insurance Agencies

You Need An IT Expert Who Specializes In What Insurance Firms Require.

As an insurance provider, the success of your business rests in the capable and expedient service you provide.— And in high-peak times, your clients demand near immediate service from you. Thankfully, the right IT solutions will help you deliver what they expect.

Your IT system is the foundation of your business. You must securely process, transmit and store massive amounts of confidential data.  Don’t trust your technology to any just any service provider. You need and deserve an IT Expert:

  • Who is, experienced working with insurance agencies, and
  • Who provides secure, cost-effective, IT solutions to meet your unique needs.

MAXTech Is That Expert. Contact Us To Learn Why: (813) 333-2878

To deliver the best service possible, we know that you must:

  • Reduce your IT costs.
  • Unify data to promote a client-centric business model.
  • Drive new business opportunities, and maximize renewals by your clients.
  • Readily handle peaks in demand.
  • Be able to utilize third party systems/agency management systems.
  • Provide what your clients need by using innovative technology.

MAXTech not only understands, we’ll help you realize these goals and others.  We’ll do this by:

  • Working to reduce your hardware, software, and over IT costs.
  • Delivering service and solutions that result in fewer IT failures and work downtime, so productivity is increased.
  • Providing access to the most current, state-of-the art products without you investing in expensive equipment and software licenses.
  • Respecting your budget and preventing expensive IT surprises.
  • Remotely monitoring your network and handling IT issues before they cause downtime.
  • Providing support and service from technicians who are trained on the latest technologies, cyber security, cloud solutions, software and equipment.
  • Mitigating the risk of staff leaving with confidential data.
  • Providing remote access for service and support by our 24/7 help-desk staffed by professionals who will quickly address your issues.
  • Helping you meet compliance demands for insurance and financial regulations.
  • Ensuring the security of your data and IT infrastructure with our highly secure offsite data centers, and ongoing Vulnerability & Risk Assessments.

—And much more.

Remember, don’t trust your technology to any just any service provider. You need and deserve an IT Expert who understands what your insurance firm requires.  That IT Expert in Tampa, Brandon & Riverview is MAXTech.  Contact us and we’ll tell you more: (813) 333-2878

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