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IT Services For Small Business

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For the modern day small business, most day-to-day activities are completed on a computer, and when that computer stops working, or the server holding your information crashes, business comes to a complete halt. The truth is you simply can’t afford disruption or downtime, which is why IT services for small business is important.

MAXTech specializes in providing IT services for small business clients like you. When you need trusted IT professionals to keep your systems reliable and secure, we’re here to help – keeping your operations going while ensuring client information is accessible at all times, day or night. For the modern day small business, most day-to-day activities are completed on one of your computers or devices. When that computer or device stops working, or the server holding your information crashes, business comes to a halt.

MAXTech keeps your IT systems up and running – without disruption or downtime. Call us at (813) 333-2878 or send us an email at

You need reliable IT Services and IT Support from a company who will benefit you and your small business. Our services give you:

  • Continuity: Disasters strike unexpectedly – but we keep you prepared as we back up your files and applications to a secure cloud server that can be accessed, even when disaster occurs onsite.
  • Support: Technology isn’t perfect; issues are going to occur, regardless of how proactive we are – but we’ll be there to provide onsite or remote support whenever necessary – contact us via phone, email, or online.
  • Mobility: Small business people work in the office, at home, or on the road – and we make sure you and your staff members have secure access to company data from any location.
  • Security: Sensitive files must be stored and transmitted securely to protect client privacy – and we use the most dependable level of encryption and two-factor authentication to help you avoid data breaches.

Do you need a company who will keep your technology functioning at its best, so you can focus on serving your clients? Call us at (813) 333-2878 or send us an email at MAXTech – IT services for small business. At MAXTech we are the IT Department for your business, enabling you to focus on what matters.

IT services for small business in Tampa, Brandon, Riverview, Wimauma, throughout Florida and across the United States. While we started in Tampa, technology allows us to provide IT Support to you and your business practically anywhere! On the rare occasion someone is needed onsite, we can send someone out in your city. Call us today (813) 333-2878.

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