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Electronic Document Signing Rapidly Evolving – Recently Launched Company BlockSign Offers First Five Signatures for Free

electronic signaturesOn August 5th, a new company called BlockSign launched their electronic signature platform. The service allows users to upload a document and put a legally binding signature stamp on it with the time and date. Users can then maintain private records of what has been signed and who signed it.

The features of the BlockSign service include:

  1. Registered users receive a unique signature stamp generated from their name and email to apply to documents.
  2. Upload PDF files smaller than 50mb, from Dropbox or a local drive.
  3. Decentralized, open-source record-keeping framework based on bitcoin technology.

The service offers five signatures for free and then charges $5 for every 50 signatures.

But how does it work?

The service turns your signed documents into a cryptographic hash, or a chain of 32 graphics. That’s your private record of signing the document you uploaded, which also stays stored in the block chain – a public record of transactions. You are the only person who can unlock your document.

There are also many other services like this that exist. Like BlockSign, they help you sign many legal documents. Some also offer cloud storage for signed documents, SSL security with two-step authentication, and compatibility with Google and Dropbox. Here is a list of the other document signing services that exist:

  1. Adobe’s EchoSign
  2. Adobe’s Docusign
  3. HelloSign

Most of these services make money through their document storage and security products with prices ranging from $14-$40 a month. BlockSign instead offers five free signatures, and the lost cost of $5 dollars for the next 50 signatures.

This new technology or service, allows for the quickest and easiest transfers. You could have all your digital records stored in one place on a hard drive. For example, you could sell your car from your computer, by signing over the title, and accepting digital payment transfer in one single transaction.

Many companies are quickly jumping on board with this new service because it is creating an even more efficient future for businesses everywhere. Which service will your company choose?

For more information on the electronic signature software-as-a-service, please feel free to give our company MAXTech a call. You can reach us a (813) 333-2878, or send us an email at Our team will work persistently to ensure your business finds the right electronic signature service.

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