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Do You Really Want Your Business 100% in The Cloud?

Have you rushed into using the cloud as you only source of data storage without really taking precautions or learning about its security features?

Cloud Storage

You can’t let your IT company make all of your business decisions for you – but you should be able to trust that they’ll give you honest and reliable answers when it comes to technology questions. Are they telling you everything there is to know about the cloud? Don’t let your IT team push you to the cloud without discussing it first! Any time they ask you to trust them blindly, they’re probably looking out for themselves ahead of your business.

Weigh Your Options

  • Using the cloud to sync your contacts, calendars, files, and other data will definitely makes things a lot easier to manage. You can access your information from anywhere and with any device – but have you ever talked to your IT team about how using file sync and share applications like Dropbox that use the cloud can put your data at risk?
  • You can’t just think of all the pros – a great IT teams knows that you need every side of the story. Technology isn’t just about convenience, it’s about protection.
  • There have reports in the past of companies accidentally stumbling upon URLs that lead to cloud storage with confidential files – including bank records, tax returns and business plans.

Think of how easily private files stores in the cloud would be accessed if an experienced cybercriminal set out to get them!

Protection for Your Business

  • Businesses today are storing more and more sensitive data in the cloud, but never really taking the time to find out what channels that data goes through or how it’s really kept safe. Your IT team should be keeping you in the loop about how you’re being protected.
  • A Global Data Security survey found that 70% of IT companies believe it’s harder to manage privacy and data regulations in a cloud environment.

You need to talk to your IT team about alternative ways to keep your business safe!

Don’t wait until your data gets compromised to learn about the cloud’s security faults. Start talking to MAXTech now about how your business can use cloud storage along with other solutions to keep your data safe – get in touch with us at or by phone at (813) 333-2878.

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