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IT Consulting and Virtual CIO Service

two professionals providing it consulting and virtual cio service to a small business tampa floridaFull-Service IT Consulting and Virtual CIO Service to Help Your Business Plan for the Future

How much money do you spend on technology for your business every year? Your first answer is probably “more than you’d like,” but it’s actually closer to “more than you need to.” At MAXTech we are experienced IT consultants and we have helped hundreds of businesses. We aren’t about selling the newest products or just replacing your computers every time they break down. Our IT Consulting and Virtual CIO Service cuts away the excess of IT service and gets down to what’s important – Planning for the future of your company’s technology.

  • We ensure that all of your systems work well together and fit well into your budget, and that you have the support and training to properly leverage your technology to its fullest.
  • Whether you use Microsoft Office, Quickbooks or any other business software, we make sure you are using the right software for your needs and that it is part of an easy-to-use, efficient, and cost-effective IT network.

Read on to learn more about our virtual Chief Information Officer service for business, or give us a call today at (813) 333-2878 to talk with one of our IT consultants about creating a customized IT strategy.

We have a simple three-step strategy for our Full-Service IT Consulting and Virtual CIO Service for businesses like yours.

Learn Who You Are:

  • We’ll meet with you, in person or over video chat, to discuss your practices, your goals, and what you want and need your technology to do for you.
  • We ask the right questions to determine what you use your IT for every day. Do you have the mobility you need in order to share your workflow from the office to wherever you are and back? Is your confidential data secured not only from cybercrime, but from every-day mishaps? We want to know what IT solutions will make the biggest impact on how YOU do business. This is the kind of service your business needs to grow with the right technology.

Make a Plan That Matches Your Needs:

  • We’ll help you create a strategy to improve your IT over time, working with your budget to make sure you get cost-effective solutions that meet your unique needs. We look at your business like an internal IT department would, focused on how the right IT services and solutions will impact your productivity and bottom line.
  • Together we’ll determine what products and services are the best fit for your business, what’s the most important to focus on first, and any training needed to ensure you get the best use from your systems.

Stay By Your Side:

  • We’re here for the long haul with you as your partner. Our team becomes your virtual IT department. You can take advantage of our years of expertise to get the same support and service as a large company, without the high expense normally attached. Our IT consultants will stay by your side to create the right plan for your business.
  • We’re not just going to come in once and leave again – we want to talk regularly, not just about how your IT is doing now, but what else we can do in the future to continue to improve your productivity and efficiency.

Your company provides the best support possible for your clients. Shouldn’t your IT do the same for you? MAXTech is ready to make sure it does. Contact us today at (813) 333-2878 or for a free assessment.

professional man giving a presentation on it consulting and virtual cio service to small businessExperience the Difference – IT Consulting and Virtual CIO Service for Your Business

MAXTech provides IT consulting and virtual CIO service in Tampa Florida to the Bay area, and throughout the USA. Our certified engineers are professionally trained and have more than 20 years experience.  When you choose to consult with technology experts for your devices and your network, it is amazing how much more you can get done. You no longer have to wear the hat of Chief Information Officer in addition to all your other hats. Choosing to utilize our service is not for everyone, it is for those who value their time and choose to spend it on things that matter. As a business professional, you already know proper delegation leads to increased productivity which leads to increased profits. Delegate your IT to the professionals and experience peace of mind.

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