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5 Critical Reasons Tampa Law Offices Need To Use Email Encryption

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of any law office. No matter what type of law you practice, your clients come to you expecting that their affairs and their information will stay private, no matter what.

But that can be a tall order these days. After all, the U.S. Intelligence Service has ranked cybercrime as the No. 1 threat facing Americans today, taking the top spot away from terrorism. Data breaches are more common than ever before, and Tampa law firms are prime targets for hackers looking to find juicy information they can use for identity theft.

In fact, law firms made up over 25% of all cybercrime targets in 2014!

So what steps can you take to protect your firm’s confidentiality? One of the easiest and most surefire ways to get started is with email encryption. Here are the top 5 reasons to adopt email encryption for your Tampa law office:

  1. Industry regulations demand it!

This is a no-brainer – regulations like SOX, HIPAA, and PCI all demand rigorous security measures for electronic communications. Check your compliance requirements – chances are, email encryption is on the list!

  1. Most data breaches come from email!

The vast majority of data breaches are caused by unsecured emails. Either they were mistakenly sent to the wrong address, or some unauthorized simply gained access. Encryption helps ensure your communications stay only for the eyes of those you’ve authorized.

  1. Save money otherwise spent on couriers and postage!

How much have you spent on couriers and postage to ensure an important document makes it to a partner or to a client? With the stamp of encryption on your email, your partners and clients can rest easy knowing your correspondence is secure and confidential, eliminating the need for many other expensive communication methods.

  1. Encryption seals your reputation!

Simply showing off that your emails are protected by encryption demonstrates how seriously you take confidentiality. Clients and partners will know you can be trusted to maintain privacy.

  1. Encryption helps you manage email volume!

Tampa law offices deal with VAST amounts of email every day, and it can be daunting to deal with that much correspondence AND ensure all the proper security measures are taken. Encryption automates email security, removing the need to download and archive hundreds of messages just to protect a bit of data.

Email encryption is an excellent start to IT security for Tampa law offices, but it’s not the end. You need to ensure your data is safe from any disaster, whether it’s hackers looking to steal information, or just natural disasters damaging in-office equipment.

The team at MAXTech are the go-to experts in IT security for Tampa law firms. Contact us at (813) 333-2878 or to schedule a complimentary security consultation to ensure you’ve taken all the necessary steps to protect your clients and your reputation.

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